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Rumi lovers, spiritual seekers, and devotees of the mystical path will meet this little book of wisdom and mystical secrets with enthusiasm.

I shall not place you in my heart
For you may get hurt by its wounds.
I won''t keep you in my eyes
For I may belittle you and
expose you to the ridicule of common men.
I will hide you inside my soul, not in my heart or in my eyes,
so that you may become one with my breath.


The following appears online and will be in this week’s print edition of Publishers Weekly.

Mafi (Rumi’s Little Book of Life) turns the spotlight on some of Rumi’s most notable and influential companions to provide a richer picture of the Sufi poet’s milieu. In this easily readable and slim volume, Mafi tells the story of Mowlânâ Shams, aka Shams of Tabriz, who was arguably Rumi’s principle catalyst and inspiration. In the book’s two principal parts, Mafi amasses a brief and illuminating biography and a collection of notable sayings from Shams of Tabriz. Readers will appreciate how the peripatetic Sufi went into seclusion with Rumi and led the poet to let his heart sing through music, dance, and poetry; his instigations distinctly shaped the Rumi known today. After reading this insightful work, readers interested in Sufism, poetry, or Rumi himself will be delighted to have further insight and clarity about the influence that an otherwise almost unknown Muslim mystic had on one of the most celebrated poets of all time.

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Book Cover - A Little Book of Mystical Secrets