(Practically) Perfect Teacher
101 Days to Make a Change
101 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Using Hypnosis
15-Minute STEM
A Curriculum of Hope
A Mindset for Success
Accelerated Learning Zone- Alpha State Music For Relaxed Learning Efficiency (Single CD) - 60 mins
Advanced Skills and Interventions in Therapeutic Counseling
Advances in the Use of Hypnosis in Medicine, Dentistry and Pain Prevention/Management
Amazing Assemblies for Primary Schools
Amazing Life of Ormond McGill
An American Healer Book/DVD
Analytical Hypnotherapy Vol 2
Answer Within
Art Attack
Art of Being a Brilliant Middle Leader
Because of You, This is Me
Beliefs - 2nd ed
Beside Yourself with Comfort - CD
Big Ideas in Education
Bi-Polar Girl
Bob and the River of Time
Bright Ideas for Managing the Positive Classroom
Buzz - Audiobook - CD
Calm Beneath the Waves CD
Capturing the Moment
Classical Octane - Adrenalin Pumping with the Classics (Single CD)
Clean Language
Clean Language in the Classroom
Coaching Supervision at its B.E.S.T.
Competency Curriculum Workbook
Competency Curriculum Workbook 30 set bundle
Contemporary Treatment of Adult Male Sex Offenders
Conversations with Milton H. Erickson MD
Covering the Curriculum with Stories
Covering the Curriculum with Stories Supplementary Projects for Foundation and KS1 CD-ROM
Creative Intelligence and Self-Liberation - Revised Edition
Dare to be Different
Den Building
Developing Tenacity
Don't Change the Light Bulbs
Dynamically Different Classrooms
Educating Ruby
Educational Research
Ego State Therapy
Engagement - Best of the Best
Engaging Learners
Ericksonian Approaches - Second Edition
Ericksonian Approaches CD
Exam Literacy
Eye Movement Integration Therapy
Feedback - Best of the Best
Feel Brave Teaching Guide Book/CD
Finding Square Holes
Forget School
Forty Pence Each or Two for a Pound
Foundations of Clinical Hypnosis
From Able to Remarkable
Fun Learning Activities for Modern Foreign Languages Book/CD
Games for Teaching Primary French
Generative Trance
Get Off the Sofa
Girl Bullying
Good Ideas for Good Teachers Who Want Good Jobs
Happy Kids Happy You
Harry the Hypno-potamus
Harry the Hypno-potamus Imagination Cards - 52 cards
Harry the Hypno-potamus Volume 2
Healing Scripts
High Performers
Hope & Resiliency (paperback)
How to Be an Amazing Middle Leader
How to Be an Amazing Teacher
How to Coach a Woman Book/CD
How to Explain Absolutely Anything to Absolutely Anyone
How to Teach: Secondary Science
Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution
Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation - Book and CD-ROM
Hypnosis in Pediatric Practice (DVD - NTSC Version)
Hypnosis in Pediatric Practice (DVD - PAL Version)
Hypnotically Enhanced Treatment for Addictions
Hypnotize Yourself Out of Pain Now! ( Second Edition) Book and CD
Impact Techniques in the Classroom
Imperfect Leadership
Improve Your Eyesight Naturally
Improve Your Writing With NLP
Improving Classroom Performance
In His Own Voice on Sex Therapy with the Female Audio 2 CD
Independent Thinking On Laughter
Independent Thinking On MFL
Independent Thinking On Restorative Practice
Independent Thinking On Teaching and Learning
Independent Thinking On Transition
Innovations in NLP
Jason Vale's 5:2 Juice Diet
Jason Vale's Super Juice Me!
Jim Jam
Keep Your Feet Moving - Audio CD
Kick the Drink ... Easily!
Knowing Through Changing
Leadership Dialogues Book/CD-ROM
Leadership Dialogues II
Leadership for Tomorrow
Learner's Toolkit Student Workbook 1 Habits of Emotional Intelligence
Learner's Toolkit Student Workbook 1 Habits of Emotional Intelligence (Bundle of 30)
Learner's Toolkit Student Workbook 2 Lessons in Learning to Learn, Values for Success in Life
Learner's Toolkit Student Workbook 2 (Bundle of 30)
Learning Solutions in Counselling (4 DVD Set) 3 hours NTSC Version
Learning Solutions in Counselling (4 DVD Set) 3 hoursPAL Version
Learning Solutions in Hypnosis (6 DVD SET) 5 hours NTSC Version
Learning Solutions in Hypnosis (6 DVD SET) 5 hours PAL Version
Learning to Learn in Practice
Learning with 'e's
Learning without Fear
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot Audio CD
Life Coaching Handbook (2 CD Set)
Literacy Toolkit
Living Contradiction
Magic Eyes
Magic of Metaphor - Audio Book
Magic of Modern Metaphor
Making Every English Lesson Count
Making Every Geography Lesson Count
Making Every History Lesson Count
Making Every Lesson Count
Making Every Maths Lesson Count
Making Every MFL Lesson Count
Making Every Primary Lesson Count
Making Every Science Lesson Count
Making Kids Cleverer
Making The Leap
Making Your Words Work
Mastering Power of Self-hypnosis
Meditation - Chill Out Classics For Quiet Moments (Single CD)
Meetings with a Remarkable Man Audio CD
Metaphors in Mind
Middle Leadership for 21st Century Schools
Milton H Erickson, MD Explorer in Hypnosis and Therapy (DVD - NTSC Version)
Milton H Erickson, MD Explorer in Hypnosis and Therapy (DVD - PAL Version)
Milton H. Erickson, MD - An American Healer (with download material)
Milton H. Erickson, MD Audio 2 CD
Milton H. Erickson, MD Audio CD
MiniMax Interventions
Mood Music - CD
More Magic of Metaphor
More Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy
Moving On - Audio CD
Mozart for Accelerated Learning CD's Unleash Your Potential Through the Genius of Mozart 2 CD Set
Music for Learning ( 3 CD Set)
My Child's Different
Neuroscience for Teachers
New Encyclopedia Of Stage Hypnotism
NLP for Teachers
NLP Toolkit
No fear No tears 13 Years Later (DVD - NTSC Version)
No fear No tears 13 Years Later DVD PAL Version
No Fears No Tears DVD NTSC Version
No Fears No Tears DVD PAL Version
No Fears, No Tears DVD 2 Vol Set NTSC Version
No Fears, No Tears DVD 2 Vol Set PAL Version
On The Fringes
Opening Doors To A Richer English Curriculum For Ages 10 to 13
Opening Doors To A Richer English Curriculum For Ages 6 to 9
Opening Doors to Famous Poetry and Prose
Opening Doors to Quality Writing Book/CD
Passive Music for Accelerated Learning CD's Increase your Brainpower without even Thinking 2 CD-Set
Performance Coaching
Positive Reinforcement
Powering Up Children
Powering Up Students
Powering Up Your School
Practising Safe Hypnosis
Presenting Magically (hardback)
Presenting Magically (paperback)
Primary Heads
Progress - Best of the Best
Psychodynamics and Psychotherapy of Pseudoseizures
Pygmalion in the Classroom
Rapid Cognitive Therapy
Rapid Hypnotic Inductions DVD
Read again without glasses Book/DVD
Reclaiming the Curriculum
Relaxation Techniques Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Enhance Well-Being CD
Relaxation Techniques for Cooling Anger CD - 31 mins
Relaxation Techniques For Healing Allergies CD - 27 mins
Relaxation Techniques for Healing from Trauma CD - 30 mins
Relaxation Techniques for Healing Migraine Headaches CD - 43 mins
Relaxation Techniques for Reclaiming Natural Sleep CD - 40 mins
Relaxation Techniques for Relieving Loneliness CD - 32 mins
Release Your Inner Drive
Resilience - Personal Skills for Effective Learning The Resilience Series
Resilience Social Skills for Effective Learning The Resilience Series
Road School
Rules for Mavericks Audiobook (Abridged version)
Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children
Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy
Sex & Love at Midlife
Sex, Leadership and Rock 'n' Roll
Significance Delusion
Smoke-Free And No Buts!
Sourcebook of Magic (Second Edition)
Sporting Excellence
Sports Hypnosis in Practice
Still - in the Storm (New Edition)
Stress Free Surgery A Self Relaxation Program to Help You Prepare for and Recover from Surgery CD SET
Stretch and Challenge for ALL
Subject Leader
Super Blend Me!
Super Fast Food
Sweet Distress
Talk-Less Teaching
Teach Like Nobody's Watching
Teach Like You Imagined It
Teacher Geek
Teacher in the Cupboard
Teacher-Led Research
Teacher's Toolkit
Teachers, Change Your Bait
Teaching Backwards
Teaching Creative Thinking
Teaching on a Shoestring
Teaching Poetry in the Primary Classroom
Techiniques of Hypnotic Induction
The A Level Mindset
The A Level Mindset Student Workbook
The ABCs of Coping with Anxiety
The Art of Being a Brilliant Classroom Assistant
The Art of Being a Brilliant NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher)
The Art of Being A Brilliant Primary Teacher
The Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher  
The Art of Hypnosis - Third Edition
The Art of Hypnotherapy - Fourth Edition
The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy
The Art of Therapeutic Communication
The Board Game Family
The Business Coaching Handbook
The Collaborative Leader
The College Collection Set 1 - 6 Books
The Compleat Thunks Book
The Decisive Element
The Distracted Couple
The Fertile Body Method: A Practitioner's Manual Book/CD
The Five- Minute Coach
The Funky Fresh Juice Book
The GCSE Mindset
The GCSE Mindset Student Workbook
The Grand Wolf
The Hero's Journey
The Hero's Journey
The Lazy Teacher's Handbook - New Edition
The Learning Imperative
The Life Coaching Handbook
The Little Book of Awe and Wonder
The Magic of Metaphor
The Magic of NLP Demystified - Second Edition
The NLP Cookbook
The Numberverse
The Perfect Lesson - Third Edition
The Personal Success Handbook
The Practitioner’'s Guide to Mirroring Hands
The Purrfect Pawse
The Really Good Fun Cartoon Book of NLP
The Salmon of Knowledge
The Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset
The Structure of Personality
The Student Mindset
The Teacher's Guide to SEN
The Trainer's Toolkit
The Ultimate Youth Lifestyle
The Unexpected Leader
The User's Manual For Brain Volume 1 CD
The User's Manual For The Brain Vol I
The User's Manual for The Brain, Volume II
The VESPA Mindset Workbook (sold in packs of 25)
The Weight, Hypnotherapy and YOU Weight Reduction Program
The Wisdom of Milton H Erickson
The Wolf and the Baby Dragon
The Wolf and the Shadow Monster
The Wolf is Not Invited
The Wolf Was Not Sleeping
The Wolf's Colourful Coat
The Working Class
Therapeutic Hypnosis with Children and Adolescents - Second Edition
Therapy with Tough Clients
This Much I Know About Love Over Fear ...
This Much I Know About Mind Over Matter ...
Ticked Off
Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality
Too Fat or Too Thin?
Treating Stress and Anxiety
Troubled Hearts, Troubled Minds
Ultimate Power Nap 2 CD set
Uncharted Territories
Understanding Advanced Hypnotic Language Patterns
Understanding Leadership
Visible Maths
Visual Thinking
Voice of Influence
Warriors, Settlers & Nomads
We Did It Here!
What Else Can a Teacher Do?
When All Else Fails
When the Adults Change, Everything Changes
Why Do I Keep Doing This!!? Book/CD
WTF Just Happened?
Zest For Learning


Cat Call

Kristen Sollée & Morgan Claire Siréne & Pam Grossman

Interweaving historical research, pop culture, and original interviews, Kristen Sollée reclaims the cat archetype as a source of feminine identify and sexual power.This is a [read more..]

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Tarot for Troubled Times

Shaheen Miro & Theresa Reed

There is a shadow that darkens each of our inner and outer lives. In Tarot for Troubled Times, Shaheen Miro and Theresa Reed help us find the light in this darkness. Learning to [read more..]

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Becoming Dangerous

Katie West & Jasmine Elliott & Kristen J. Sollée

At the crossroads of #MeToo, #HexthePatriarchy, and the increasingly vocal feminist and LGBTQ+ movements comes a highly readable and moving collection of writingsThe difference [read more..]

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