Between Death and Life - Updated and Revised
Coming Home to Lemuria
Soul Choices
Waking Up in the Spiritual Age
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Heaven
A Small Book of Comfort
A Spiritual Evolution
Akashic Records: One True Love
Always Dreaming
And Jesus Said: A Conversation
And Then I Knew My Abundance
Application of Impossible Things
Atlantis and the New Consciousness
Avoiding Karma
Baby It's You
Beyond the Source - Book 2
Beyond the Source - Part One
Born Healers
Conversations With Nostradamus Vol 1
Conversations With Nostradamus Vol 2
Conversations With Nostradamus Vol 3
Dance of Heavenly Bliss
Dance of the Eternal Rapture
Dancing Forever with Spirit
Dancing on a Stamp
Don't Change The Channel
Druidic Soul Star Astrology
Education of a Guardian Angel
Elder Gods Of Antiquity (Book 1)
Embracing the Human Journey
Essenes - Children Of The Light
Evolution Of The Spirit
Fantastic Adventures in Metaphysics
Finding Your Way in the Spiritual Age
Five Lives Remembered
From Fear to Love
Gardens of the Elder Gods
God's Many Mansions
Guide Group Fridays
Holiday In Heaven
Imagining the Unimaginable
Jesus And The Essenes
Keepers Of The Garden
Kiss the Wind
Legacy From The Stars
Legacy Of The Elder Gods (Book 2)
Let Miracles Happen
Let's Get Natural With Herbs
Lifting the Veil on the Lost Continent of Mu
Live From The Other Side
Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom
Naked in Public
Nor Your Average Angel Book
Opening to the Fullness of Spirit
Out Of The Archives - Earth Change
Owners Manual for the Mind
Payment for Passage
Peaks and Valleys
Power Of The Magdalene
Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age
Rebirth Of The Oracle
Seeing True
Sit A Bit
Sleep Magic
Soul Choices
Soul Choices Workbook
Soul Speak
Tales from the Trance
The Alien Handbook
The Anne Dialogues
The Convoluted Universe
The Convoluted Universe (Book 1)
The Convoluted Universe (Book 2)
The Convoluted Universe (Book 3)
The Custodians
The Dawn Book
The Dream Doctor
The Emperor's Stargate - Success on All Levels
The Essential Dowsing Guide
The Forgotten Promise
The Forgotten Woman
The Healing Christ
The History of God
The Legend Of Starcrash
The Liberating Power of Emotions
The Master of Everything
The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge
The Sleeping Phoenix
The Spiritual Toolbox
The Stone Tablets of Mu
The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth
The Zodiac Recipe
They Walked With Jesus
We Are the Creators
Windows Of Opportunity
Work of a Guardian Angel


The Hall

Kevin Shea & Lanny McDonald & Jeff Denomme

The National Treasure Series (NTS) commemorates the milestone 75th anniversary of the Hockey Hall of Fame with the publication of the second book in the series; The Hall - [read more..]

Book Cover

A Century of NHL® Memories

Jim Hynes & Phil Pritchard & Lanny McDonald

Foreword by Lanny McDonald.NHL hockey is a game of shared memories that can bind a family, a city or an entire country. Each era has them, individual moments that become etched [read more..]

Book Cover

La LNH : un siècle d'histoire - Des photos exceptionnelles du Temple de la renommée du hockey

Jim Hynes & Phil Pritchard

Le hockey de la LNH est un sport chargé de souvenirs qui peut unir une famille, une ville ou même un pays tout entire. Chaque époque possède ses moments uniques qui restent [read more..]

Book Cover

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