Eagles Engineering for Space Disasters
Eagles vs. Giants Engineering for Tornadoes
Eaglets Engineering Mount Rushmore
Early Battles of the Civil War Engineering One World Trade Center
Earth Engineering the Eiffel Tower
Earth Day Engineering the Golden Gate Bridge
Earth Day Engineering the International Space Station
Earth Day Extravaganza Engineering the NYC Subway System
Earth Divination, Earth Magic Engineering the Space Needle
Earwax Entangled
East African Drought of 2011 Entertainment Robots
Eastern Philosophy for Beginners Entrenadores (Coaches)
Easy Layer-Cake Quilts Erizo pigmeo africano (African Pygmy Hedgehog)
Easy Layer-Cake Quilts 2 Esperanza (Hope)
Easy Quilts from Precut Fabrics Essenes - Children Of The Light
Eat Well Look Great Establishing the American Colonies
Eat Well Stay Well Establishing the Judicial Branch
Eating Bugs as Sustainable Food Establishing the Legislative Branch
Ecosystem Architects Eternal Dharma
Ed Sheeran Eulalie's Journey to Algonquin with Tom Thomson
Education of a Guardian Angel Europe
El águila calva (Bald Eagle) Europe
El Año Nuevo chino Evergreen Talent
El calor (Heat) Everybody Has a Book Inside of Them
El Cinco de Mayo Everyday Inventions Inspired by Nature
El Día de San Patricio Everything You Know about God is Wrong
El himno nacional (National Anthem) Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong
El magnetismo (Magnetism) Evil Archaeology
El movimiento (Motion) Evolution Of The Spirit
El sonido (Sound) E-Waste in Guiyu, China
Elder Gods Of Antiquity (Book 1) Excavators
Eleanor Excavators
Electric Cars Existentialism for Beginners
Elegant Embroidery Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans
Elephants Exoskeletons
Elephants Exploring Ellis Island
Embracing the Human Journey Exploring Hoover Dam
Emerson and Princess Peep Exploring Independence Hall
Emma Chamberlain Exploring Kennedy Space Center
Emmanuel Macron Exploring New England
Empanadas Exploring Ocean Depths
Empathy Exploring the Gateway Arch
Empatía (Empathy) Exploring the Mid-Atlantic
Enchanted One Exploring the Midwest
Enchanted Spell Oracle - (book and cards) Exploring the San Antonio River Walk
Enchanted Unicorn Oracle Exploring the South
Encounter in the Desert Exploring the Southwest
Energy Technology Inspired by Nature Exploring the West
Engineering AT&T Stadium Express Yourself with Gabriela - Girl of the Year 2017
Engineering for Avalanches and Landslides Extra Senses
Engineering for Earthquakes Eye Gunk
Engineering for Floods Eyewitness to the Gods
Engineering for Hurricanes

American Girl - Historical Fiction

Kaya: The Journey Begins

Janet Shaw

Kaya knows in her heart that her beautiful Appaloosa mare, Steps High, is the fastest horse in the herd. But when boasting leads to a daring bareback race, Kaya pushes Steps High [read more..]

Book Cover

Nanea: The Spirit of Aloha

Kirby Larson

Nanea Mitchell may be the youngest in her family, but she knows she's old enough to do grown-up things. Before she can prove she's ready for responsibility, the unthinkable [read more..]

Book Cover

Melody: No Ordinary Sound

Denise Lewis Patrick

Melody Ellison can't wait to sing her first solo at church, and she wants to pick a song that's special. She gets advice from her big brother, who has his sights set on becoming a [read more..]

Book Cover

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